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Artist Comparison: Jonas Lund and Sebastian Schmieg

Art has always been a way to tell a story. From ancient times to modern day, art has been a key component of telling the story of how people of the time were/are living. With the rise of technology and... Continue Reading →


Soft Punk- a 3D Model

For this project, I wanted to create something wearable and customizable, yet simple. Taking inspiration from 80's and 90's punk and melding that with the "hipster" trends of today, I created a bracelet that has a soft punk vibe. The... Continue Reading →

You Must Have One Grand Passion

The following are photographs of a lampshade representing my passion, photography.

April 10- Reading Questions

What are the pros to Alias Maya as a modeling software versus other products? How can we use 3D modeling to convey specific concepts?

One Dog & Treat

My Video: Artist Inspiration:

Organized Chaos Sounds a Little Different

This is my previous animation with sound attached. The sounds heard were either made by yours truly, found in the environment around me or they were found through the internet. All rights belong to the owners/creators of the original sound... Continue Reading →

Organized Chaos Animation

Here's a little animation and collaboration of one of my digital collages. Made with photoshop.

Organized Chaos

With this work I wanted to show how a creator's chaotic brain can transform a seemingly meaningless mess into something a bit more organized. The goal of this triptych is to show that transformation. The imagesĀ used to create these piecesĀ all... Continue Reading →


Hi, my name is Dani Rawson and this post is going to show you some things that I have a vested interest in and that fuel my creative ways. But before I get into those things, I think you should... Continue Reading →

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