Hi, my name is Dani Rawson and this post is going to show you some things that I have a vested interest in and that fuel my creative ways. But before I get into those things, I think you should know a little about me. I am a junior in university studying journalism and photography. I have a creative soul and I describe my music taste as: I like everything, except the songs I don’t like. I am stubborn and outspoken, but I have a kind heart with good intentions. Finally, I am probably the most brutally honest person you’ll ever meet.

Now, I am supposed to share three things I “care” about in regards to my creative process. But instead of the word care, I think these words better fit the things that relate to my creativity: inspire, drive, affect and influence. The things I will share are yes, important to to me and are things I care about, but I want to use more active language; for the things I am about to share DO something when it comes to my creative works.

Thing number 1:DSC_0597.jpg

I created this photograph in Cannon Beach, Oregon and it is a constant reminder of what I am capable of behind the lens. It was the start of my burning love for photography and it constantly fuels my drive to create better and more images. Also, it’s just a brilliant photograph if I do say so myself.

Thing 2 can be found here. (you will need to login to spotify to view) 

This is a collection of all the music that at some point has had some relevance in my life. I cannot effectively work, write or create without music. Whether is the beat of the music or the lyrics of the song, creativity when into the song’s making, so I like to draw on that creativity and put it into the works I make myself.

Thing 3 can be found here

This one might throw you for a loop, but Zach Braff is my hero. He is my favorite actor, screenwriter and director. His humorous, charismatic and kind-hearted nature inspires me to be a better version of myself and influences the work I create. He created my favorite film, Wish I Was Here, and it was in that film that I realized that there isn’t just one way to label yourself. Braff wrote, acted and directed that film and proved to me that you can do it all as long as you have the drive to do so. He isn’t just an actor, just a director or just a writer, he is purely a creator and that is what I hope to make of myself someday.